Lubran Trading Company is engaged in services in the lubricants industry. 

Since its inception, launched in 2002, laid special emphasis on the development 
of contacts with industrial companies and customersrelated to the wider shipbuilding industry -maritime and inland waterway.

The company's activities in the oil - grease is very broad.



Oils Statoil, Shell, Mobil and Fuchs


Statoil Lubricants Technologies runs commercial activity of distribution for Statoil lubricants produced in Poland and products imported from Scandinavia.

In Shell's products and services offer we can find oils, greases and business solutions individually fitted for every customer's needs. Shell introduces specific solutions for small companies alike with international corporations.

The highest quality oil provides long-term reliable operation of vehicles, machinery and equipment. The range includes engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and operating fluids.


Mobil offers motor oils for passenger cars, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery. Mobil producing high-tech lubricants for industry. Mobil offers a wide range oils for shipping - the most interesting are a series of Mobilgard engine oils.