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Shell has developed a new oil for locomotives


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su45-202 fot ds

Shell, one of the largest international companies operating in the petrochemical market, introduced to offer new Shell Rimula R4 X also designed for locomotives.

More and more modern engines mounted among others modernized locomotives are becoming more torque , higher and higher heat loads and more efficient combustion , and most importantly getting lower fuel consumption. These structures require the use of oils developed using innovative solutions that affect their proper maintenance . Proper motor protection guarantees the reliability and long life , which reduces operating costs.


Shell Rimula R4 X viscosity grade 15W -40, a multi-purpose mineral oil. Its mission is to protect the engine by properly chosen mixture of additives and chemical products that provide the appropriate level of purity and oxidation and engine wear.


Oil Rimula R6 LM 10W- 40 is recommended for engines installed in szynobusach that have a DPF particulate filter , and all the other locomotive engines with EGR systems and without Rimula R4X 15W -40 . The new engines , which are used when upgrading , among others, locomotive TEM -2 ( SM- 48) and ( M68 ) ST- 44, SM -42 EGR systems and increased combustion parameters increase the oil quality requirements . In such a situation it is essential to introduce savings resulting from the extension of the frequency of exchanges and oil consumption , which are possible thanks to a new product family Rimula.


Thanks to its properties to protect against wear and limiting the formation of deposits Shell Rimula R4 X allows you to obtain the maximum performance of even the largest engines while protecting the most extreme conditions. A long list of approvals of many leading motor manufacturers makes it an ideal oil for different types of engines.