Lubran Trading Company is engaged in services in the lubricants industry. 

Since its inception, launched in 2002, laid special emphasis on the development 
of contacts with industrial companies and customersrelated to the wider shipbuilding industry -maritime and inland waterway.

The company's activities in the oil - grease is very broad.



current information

New Shell Oil for agricultural machinery


Shell introduced to offer new Shell Rimula R4 X designed for agricultural diesel engine , high-power systems equipped with circulation (EGR). Oil has been developed using cutting edge technology, designed for use in various types of machines and equipment used on the farm.


Most of the engines to be installed in the currently manufactured agricultural machines characterized by high torque, extremely difficult working conditions and low fuel consumption.
These multifunction machines require the use of modern oils developed using innovative solutions that affect their proper maintenance and lower operating costs.
Shell Rimula R4 X viscosity grade 15W-40, a multi-purpose mineral oil generation. Its task is the maximum engine protection by properly chosen mixture of additives and chemical products that provide the appropriate level of purity and oxidation and engine wear under severe conditions in engines equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR and/or SCR) . The new product is suitable for all engines pre - 2007 level of U.S. emissions TIER 1-4, most engines with emission Euro 4 and 5 (without particulate filters ), as well as older engines.